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Guide to Bishop Arts

Guide to Bishop Arts - A Girl from TX

Your guide to Bishop Arts: the most walk-able and most adorable neighborhood in Dallas, Texas. Find the must-try restaurants, delicious desserts, best boutiques, and coolest bars while you’re here!

Guide to Bishop Arts - A Girl from TX
Eno’s Pizza Tavern

Meals to Eat

Lockhart BBQ – If you’re looking for delicious BBQ, then you found the right spot. Their brisket rivals that of Franklins (in my opinion) and their mac & cheese makes my heart happy.

Hatties – Southern comfort food is always a must, and you can never go wrong with their chicken and waffles

Oddfellows – More of a cafe than a restaurant, but always a go-to spot for brunch! You can grab a coffee and treat while relaxing on their outdoor patio.

Enos Pizza Tavern – Delicious beer and delicious pizza, need I say any more?

Boulevardier – This french girl gives this french gem a thumbs up! A little classier than the other options, but always a favorite

Dallas Grilled Cheese Co – If I were acceptable to have their grilled cheese every meal, I would. I really would.

Guide to Bishop Arts - A Girl from TX
Emporium Pies
Guide to Bishop Arts - A Girl from TX
Emporium Pies

Sweet Treats

Dude, Sweet Chocolate – Willy Wonka himself would send them praise. Chocolate lovers, assemble HERE.

Emporium Pies – One of the most well known stops in Bishop Arts, Emporium has famous pies that will melt you heart (while melting in your mouth).

Espumoso Cafe – Looking for a good place to get work done? Drop by Espumoso for those healthy gems and much-needed coffee

Guide to Bishop Arts - A Girl from TX
All Good Things Paper, {Neighborhood}, and DIRT Flowers

Shop Till You Drop

Fete ish – A mix of antique gems with unique gifts, hidden treasures can be found here

All Good Things – One of my absolute favorite boutique stores! Their selection is the cutest and I have to physically restrain myself from buying every single thing.

Indigo – Shopping for clothes is my weakness, and Indigo always has unique pieces you can’t find anywhere else! Boutique must, yall.

Epiphany – With both a store for men and women, this boutique has everything you could think of! Great gifts, cool clothes, and everything in between.

Strut – If you happen to like cute clothes that are right on trend, which I assume you do, then this is worth a stop! Check out their instagram for some outfit inspiration while you’re at it.

GreenPet – Calling all pet owners and eco-lovers. Boy, have I got a place for you.

DIRT – Flowers and plants and decorations oh MY! Green thumbs must check it out.

{neighborhood} – Furniture and home decor heaven. If they wanted to decorate my apartment for me, I would not say no.

Guide to Bishop Arts - A Girl from TX
The Wild Detectives

To Do

Texas Theater – AKA where Harvey Lee Oswold was arrested! Historic gem that also happens to show low-key movies AND happens to have a prohibition styled bar. My dad would love this place, yall.

Whitehall Exchange – Low key bar with delicious drinks and a patio for people watching. My kind of place.

Wild Detectives Bar – Imagine someone decided to turn a library into a bar, and you have the Wild Detectives. Keep it relaxed with some drinks and a chill atmosphere. They also love throwing events, so make sure you keep up with their Facebook page!

Bishop Cider Co – They have beer and arcade games. Really all I need to say.


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Guide to Bishop Arts - A Girl from TX
Location: Pier 247 in Bishop Arts District

Guide to Bishop Arts - A Girl from TX

Guide to Bishop Arts - A Girl from TX
@taylormmosley – Located at Strut

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Guide to Bishop Arts - A Girl from TX

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  1. Such a cool neighborhood!! If I were to ever move back to Dallas, this is where I’d want to live (or near here.) My sister re-created Emporium Pies’ chocolate silk pie w/ a pretzel crust for our Thanksgiving at home this year, and it was AMAZING!

    Great round-up! Thanks for the helpful post. I’m totally referencing this next time I make a trip up to Big D.

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